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Enk Scorer Testimonials

Since being introduced to Enk, he has consistently provided me with sound financial advice in mortgaging, investment, pensions and life assurance.  Enk has an approachable manner, and explains things clearly and concisely without imposing time constraints or trying to hard sell.  I would recommend him (and have done!) to anyone.

M Vyas

Enk is not just a financial adviser who sells you the latest financial product, he really takes the time to understand your financial goals and coaches you to achieve them.  Just having a conversation with Enk helped me to get clear on my next step in achieving one of my financial goals.  He is a great financial coach.

R Clark

It’s impossible to put a value on how Enk’s advice has benefitted our lives in the past 15 years, so I thought I would give an example:

During one of our review meetings in March 2008, when I was coming off my fixed rate with the Halifax, I was very concerned that interest rates would rise due to the Lehman’s crisis and listening to the news and newspapers at the time, which said to fix.  I suggested that we take another fixed rate as I wanted the certainty of knowing what my payments would be.  Enk advised against it, and said that in his view interest rates had no choice but to fall, and continue to fall.  I really wanted security so he suggested a tracker rate with no redemption penalties, so if he was wrong and rates were to rise, I could just go onto a fixed rate with my new lender.  Due to Enk’s vast experience in the finance market, he put us on a tracker mortgage which saved me a lot of money.  Happy Days.  Enk seems to have a talent of knowing what is about to happen before it happens.  He still hasn’t given me the lottery numbers though!

G Kudhal

For the last 10 years, I have relied on Enk to provide financial and mortgage advice.  He has taken time to understand our needs and has helped us to achieve our goals.  His advice has been honest and accurate and he has been a pleasure to deal with.  I have much to thank him for and can highly recommend his services.

R Grigg

Enk has been our financial adviser for just over seven years now.  His expertise and great advice has helped us through our first mortgage, insurance queries and currently investment for our son’s future.

I can highly recommend Enk for any of these services; his knowledge and bubbly demeanour make for an easy working relationship.  Most importantly, we trust him to always give the right advice and do the right thing on our behalf.

J Ladbury

Honest, Professional and Reliable are the words that come to mind when I think about Enk Scorer – he always gets the job done.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Enk for 15 years, having been introduced to him by a work colleague for independent financial advice.  I was very sceptical of anyone in this field initially; having had previous bad experiences of others who had given poor financial advice.  During the years that we have worked together, he has earned my complete respect and trust and he is one of the very few people that I would have no hesitation in recommending to others in need of sound independent financial advice.  Enk impresses everyone who works with him – by his ethical work practices and his detailed knowledge of the financial services industry.  There are many who are now able to lead the lifestyle of their choice, as a direct result of the insightful, knowledgeable and strategic input he is able to offer with regards to major landmark financial decisions they have needed to make for themselves or their organisation, e.g. mortgages, pensions, investments, etc.  What really makes Enk stand out is the fact that he always strives to act in the client’s best interest and he is able to explain really complicated financial matters, in a clear, concise and understandable way.  It is because of this and the impressive degree of customer satisfaction he is able to deliver that I can give Enk Scorer my most heartfelt recommendation and I truly believe that he would be an asset for any position requiring his level of financial expertise and skills.

D Morgan

Enk has been helping me to manage my finances for the last sixteen years as my financial adviser.  He is very professional, knowledgeable and completely trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

M Roye-Pinnock

I have known Enk for the past 12 years.  Over the years, Enk has provided advice on all aspects of financial planning that was required, including mortgage advice, investment options and insurance policies.  I have recommended to many of my family and friends who were all satisfied with his service.  He is very professional when dealing with clients and has a wealth of knowledge on the topics relating to the financial industry.  Enk understands clients’ needs and is able to advise accordingly.  Enk is honest and reliable and will highlight both the positive and negative impacts of any decisions that we may decide on.  His standard of work is high and ensures the work is covered thoroughly.  He follows the FSA guidelines and advises the clients by it.  He is a pleasure to work with and is always available there for any queries.  I highly recommend Enk as he will encourage you to take the right steps to achieving your goals.

S Annadurai

Initially, Enk Scorer helped me for my first mortgage in 2000, and for insurance and protection.  He always keeps in touch and ensures I have the right cover; financial products that are fit for the purpose and offer the best value.  As the market is every changing, it was important to review the situation and Enk is always there to help.  I found him approachable, easy to communicate with and knowledgeable and now he also manages my pension.  Enk provided the best solution that fit to my financial circumstances, which allow me to operate comfortably.

S Mylvaganam

We were planning a relocation and change of lifestyle.  Enk was really helpful in explaining all our options and helping us to realise the best options for our plans and long-term future.  Now we have a pension and mortgage products that suit our needs and we are confident about the future.

K Cooke

Finding a new mortgage to purchase a new home.  Enk completed all the research across multiple mortgage providers, handled all the paperwork and found us an excellent, flexible and low interest mortgage.  Enk was extremely knowledgeable and offered a very personal and efficient service – nothing was too much trouble.

G McQuaid

A year ago, when we were trying to buy our first property, he advised us all the way through.  He helped us planning our savings, in order to get the deposit we needed.  Enk got us the mortgage and insurances ever since.  Enk has also helped me and advised me when I bought my business.  The business has now had two major additions on which Enk has always advised me and guided me, even through planning the budget when my son was on his way.

M Rojas Serrano

Planning for my future and retirement.  He was able to advise and research the market, based on my requirements and needs and provided a good range of offers and products to suit my circumstances.  The planning and various financial instruments I chose are working toward my desired goals.  The overall service and information provided was very good and thoroughly researched.  Also, it was well presented and explained, so I don’t believe there was anything that I could suggest that would greatly improve the service.

T Opong

Got money.  He arranged for the funds to be invested in pensions and an ISA.  Better than expected.

J Deol

Moving house and started a family.  Enk provided us with general financial advice, such as mortgage procurement, life insurance, healthcare, pensions advice etc.

D Goult

We were buying a property.  Enk set up a mortgage for me on two of my properties.  We were very happy with the service provided to us and couldn’t think of anything Enk could improve on.

R James

I wanted to plan for my future.  He provided honest, well explained, easy to understand advice.  Each year I get statements from my various funds, showing their growth and we review my situation each year and make changes as my situation changes.

S Good

We needed guidance on most aspects of our finances, due to career changes and changes in our circumstances.  Enk took us through all our options and made everything crystal clear.  He wasn’t afraid to explain things to us multiple times, to make sure we understood.  He took away the fear we had about planning and gave us peace of mind.  We have a clear map and outline and are no longer over-paying.

K Angelidi

Retirement 7 years ago meant maturity of my occupational pension and FSAVC.  For the FSAVC, I had the option of searching for a better deal than the original provider.  I did not have the depth of knowledge to do this myself.  Enk did the spadework and got me a £1000 p.a. (approx.) improvement in the pay out.  Better than my expectations.

C Reavill

We had been saving on a regular basis for a long time, but in the current economic climate, were unsure whether the money was in the best place.  We are also nearing retirement and needed advice on forthcoming decisions.  He took the time to really understand our situation and discussed our future hopes and plans.  He then researched the best solutions that would work for us.  So far, we have been very pleased with the outcomes.

S Chowdhury

I needed advice about my pension situation and he was recommended by a good friend of mine.  Originally, he was able to advise me on what to do with an old company pension and also how to move forward with a new pension plan, and as my personal situation has changed through the years, he’s been able to help in all my finances.  Very happy with all areas he’s helped me with.

J Gillett

Initially, we were with NatWest with our pension scheme and when it came for renewal, they were unable to provide us with a financial advisory service.  So, we looked elsewhere and were recommended to contact Enk.  He reviewed all of our policies, discussed our requirements for the near and distant future and guided us with our future planning.  We believe we will benefit further from his professionalism.

A Hovell

Mr Scorer has helped us in best investments and better pension returns, planning smooth retirement and mortgages on our investment property according to our needs.  We got better investment returns from our savings.  Enk has rearranged my retirement pension and I have better returns on my pension.  Without Enk’s professional service, we would not have achieved the better financial return from our pensions and other investments.

R Dutta

I had received notification that a pension pot from years ago had grown much larger than I had appreciated and I wanted to understand how I could draw down on the pot to clear our large mortgage.  Enk is currently providing support for both myself and my wife, and has given us solid advice on how and when we may need to draw down on this pot.  Our priority prior to discussing our options with Enk, was to clear the mortgage, but through Enk’s advice, we have realised that there are probably different ways of us achieving this and how best to optimise our joint pensions and tax breaks.  Enk has certainly given us options we had never considered before and have been very happy with the advice provided.

G Bayliss

Was looking for specialised advice and help in managing my financial affairs.  Extremely professional approach in recommending the most suitable financial product based on a thorough analysis of our risk appetite and current financial situation.

A Al-Mussawi

I was looking to buy my first home.  Enk helped me sort out my finances and found me a great mortgage so that I could finally get on the property ladder.  Enk has been extremely helpful and I couldn’t have asked for more.  I have recommended him to quite a few friends.

S McKeon

I started earning lots of money.  Found the best pension offers for me and helped advise me on where to put my savings.

T Danecker

I didn’t know where to start, what to look for, what was good or not.  Enk is incredibly professional, calm, reassuring and explains things very well.  Enk has been able to answer all our queries in a timely and professional manner.  Enk wants to know and see the big picture, before suggesting anything.  I do not make any financial decision before speaking to Enk.  I trust him unconditionally.  The family has the right protection.  We have saved some money due to the fact Enk has been able to suggest options that matched our requirements.

T Hachin

Wanting to plan in a constructive way for my future.  Enk came highly recommended to me by a friend.  Enk is so personable, he helped me to think about my aims, ambitions and priorities in the medium and longer term.  It has been very thought-provoking.  Enk clearly explains options and risks in an uncomplicated way.  I plan differently now I am more mindful of the options I have.

D Nicholson

I required advice on my retirement planning needs and wanted someone to look over my pension to ensure that I was making the right decisions.  He gave me advice which I understood in regard to my pension and my retirement plans, and has helped me look after and manage my expenditure in my retirement ever since.  He has always been there for me to provide ongoing advice.

S Simes

I have been a client of Enk’s for about 15 years.  Enk was recommended to me by a family member.  He arranged my finances in such a way that it was much easier to understand and keep track of, such as pensions and we rearranged inheritance tax planning.


We were being bombarded with letters from the various pension schemes we had been enrolled in over the previous 40 years and needed some professional guidance.  Enk reviewed both my wife and my own pension arrangements.  Explained to us exactly what we had (which was not immediately obvious) in a very clear and easily understood way, explained allowing us to make decisions which were right for us based on an understanding of what we were doing that would not have been possible without Enk’s help.  Our finances are now clearly much better understood and have been consolidated in a way that makes them easier to manage and that will support us the way we would like in retirement in the future.

B Harris

We have continued to rely on Enk to find the best financial products and services to suit our changing needs.  Enk helped us to get the best mortgage that was right for us.  He understood our needs and goals perfectly.  He explained everything very clearly.  We always felt that we received the best deals on mortgages and insurance policies.  If our circumstances changed, Enk was always there to help us with sound and sensible advice.

D Toor

I was advised to speak to Enk by a friend to help with mortgage advice in regard of my next family home.  He got me the most suitable mortgage for my circumstances and also reviewed my existing endowment policy.  I secured my home, and have since done three subsequent mortgages and he has also helped me in regard to pension and protection advice.

L Lewis

Frank Smith Testimonials

I have been delighted with the approachable but thoroughly professional way I have been dealt with by Mr Frank Smith and MDG over the years. I have been more than happy to recommend the services provided to family, friends and work colleagues. I have had no negative feedback from anybody who has used Frank or MDG.

Frank initially reviewed my many and varied ad hoc ventures into investments and put together a strong and varied portfolio which is perfectly suited to my needs. His constant attention to the changing financial market and to my own changing personal needs by way of regular reviews has ensured that my investments remain as relevant and as beneficial to me as when I first started using his services.

It is reassuring and provides me with great peace of mind to have total trust in Frank and MDG particularly in an ever changing financial market.

I have great pleasure and no hesitation in recommending both Frank and MDG.

Peter Harris
Senior Partner
Harris Temperley LLP

I have known Frank personally for over 30 years. Frank and MDG have been looking after my financial requirements for approximately 10 years. Over this time I have had great service with the assistance of second to none back office support and IT software.

Today the emphasis is on regular reviews where any alterations to my circumstances, thoughts and aspirations are carefully documented. We then evaluate my current financial situation and longer lifetime planning to see if my goals are achievable. This is aided by excellent I.T graphic planning tools.

From a personal point of view I find the MDG Portal invaluable as it allows me to see ALL of my financial holdings and expenditure regardless of where they are held and is updated daily. My Bank offers an inferior service only applicable to items held with them.

Frank and MDG recognise where my interests could benefit from outside specialists such as a Discretionary Fund Manager. They give me access to a practically unlimited range of investments and my holdings reflect my attitude to risk and are proactively adjusted as and when they see fit.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Frank and MDG to anyone in need of Independent Financial Advice.

Phillip Edwards

John Davison Testimonials

I have been very pleased with the offerings and service of MDG over the years that I have been with the firm. John and Emma are always well prepared in advance of our meetings, all my needs are addressed in a timely and professional manner and the team identifies planning strategies and options I have not always considered. Their processes always allow me to explore various options and agree a path that fits with my personal financial circumstances and preferences.

Bhavesh Mistry

I have now worked with John and his team for a number of years and cannot recommend Myers Davison Ginger highly enough.

It starts with excellent financial advice which is supported by innovative software to track your investments and outstanding customer services that deals with any of your queries.

In these challenging times it is great to know that your finances are in the hands of real professionals.

Stewart Gilliland

I expect I am not alone, in that during my working life, I have accumulated many fragmented investments from various sources, ISA’s, Pensions, Shares, Investments etc. To that end, I initially contacted John Davison of Myers Davison Ginger to review all areas of my finances, with the view of consolidation and re-investment.

Following the review, we worked together jointly to make crucial decisions regarding my future financial requirements, which was done expertly and efficiently. Using Myers Davison Ginger, and specifically John, has achieved my goals. Additionally, I utilise their on-line portal, where I can view my total financial position on a daily basis, in one place.

I have no hesitation in recommending Myers Davison Ginger.

Paul Rucklidge

John Mothersole Testimonials

“I have worked as a Medical Practitioner for the past 40 years and have recently retired. For most of that time Mr John Mothersole has been my financial adviser from the time that he worked for Barclays Bank and subsequently as an independent.

During the time that I have known John he has provided me with sound objective advice in regard to my financial planning requirements, including investments, private pensions and insurances.

All the information and advice he has provided me with over the years appears to have born fruit with a very reasonable return from my pension funds.

I have met with many other financial advisers over the years but I have to say I do regard John as one of the best.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to colleagues and friends requiring advice on financial planning.”

George Dowd

“I have known John a number of years, and have no hesitation in asking for his advice regarding my financial affairs.
He is always very patient and thorough when answering my questions and explaining things to me. I can thoroughly recommend John and his Company
for both their professional and personal way in which they conduct their business and look after their clients’ best interests.”

William Butcher

“I have been advised by John for nearly twenty five years. Throughout this period John has given me highly professional advice tailored to my specific needs. As a single parent I was faced with being responsible for two teenage daughters and their education and wanted to purchase a home. John guided me throughout these years with regards to mortgage repayment, saving and investments.

Seven years ago a close friend sadly died and left me some money. Once again John assisted me with regard to the investment.

More recently, a few years ago after developing cancer, further support and advice was given and my house was sold, allowing me to move back to Edinburgh, where I live comfortably from my investments which provide a monthly return and at the same time have reserves to draw upon.

John and his PA Louise East provide highly professional advice and guidance at all times and I feel confident that they understand my financial needs and care about me as a person not a number.

My reasons for highly recommending John and his team are as follows:

Consistent reliability in giving appropriate advice.

Clear advice about options following regular assessments of my financial situation.

Being able to phone and ask for explanations at any time.

Written summaries to record what has been discussed or advised.

Being informed about possibilities with regard to switching investments in Portfolio to achieve a higher interest.

Feeling that I have a highly reliable firm with a personal approach.

Over the years I have recommended John to friends and they have been equally satisfied.”

Evelyn Murdoch

Mark Soper Testimonials

I have know Mark for nearly 20 years, initially in his capacity as a pension adviser to the professional services firm I was working for, and latterly as my own independent financial adviser.  Throughout all that time, he has demonstrated expert knowledge of the potential minefield of UK pension law and regulations, and given me total confidence that my defined contribution pension was being managed efficiently.

When I left the professional services firm, I had no hesitation in appointing Mark as my IFA.  He set up a SIPP for me, advised on investment strategy to match my financial and life goals, and helped me keep my investments under review.  In the last year, Mark recommended that part of my investments should be placed under active management with Brooks MacDonald, and this has proved to be an excellent move.  I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to anyone looking for pension and financial advice.

T Giddings

Mark has provided me with pensions and investment advice since 1990.  Over that period, he has provided me with excellent advice that has enabled me to maximise my retirement funds.  For example, not long after 1990 when I had commenced working for myself, he advised me to transfer an “old” company scheme to my own pension fund.  This provided me with the flexibility and control to make my own investment decisions, which I really appreciated.  Later, he alerted me to the imminent withdrawal of a discretionary bonus relating to my pension funds and advised me to take this opportunity to open my own SIPP.  As a result of following his advice, I received a significant boost to my pension fund and avoided the bonus withdrawal, which soon followed.

I have benefited greatly from the regular reviews that Mark has provided.  These reviews have taken place several times each year and have covered both my SIPP and ISA investments.  The advice that Mark has provided has enabled me to assess several alternative investment directions and strategies.  I feel that between us we have made some excellent decisions and my investments have enjoyed substantial growth.  I am now in the fortunate position of having built a balanced set of SIPP and ISA funds that will allow me to enjoy a safe and secure retirement.

G Inkpen

Nicola Charman Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you again for assisting my client last month.  I am pleased to confirm that we were able to achieve a financial settlement for her shortly after the hearing.  Your advice really helped to focus my client in terms of what her options were and she was able to make an informed decision on that basis”.

Beth, Solicitor in St. Albans

“Nicola Charman, financial planner, recently gave myself and my husband expert advice to inform our financial planning.  She went out of her way to understand our current position and our hope and plans for the future, and the implications of these for how we manage our finances as we approach retirement.  Her whole approach was excellent, marked by professionalism and by expert knowledge, which she tailored to our circumstances.  She was generous and clear with her time and advice, which enabled us rapidly to put in place some changes which have already led to savings.  We could not recommend her more highly”.

Mrs L, High Wycombe

Nicola Salewski Testimonials

“I don’t know how you do it, but you deliver positive results on every occasion.  I guess you’re simply very good at what you do.  Oh!! how we wish we had you and John as advisors back then.  I’d be happy to give MDG a formal positive testimonial if that’s a thing you do”.

Pat Conafray

Peter Ginger Testimonials

Jane was divorced in 2011, we were introduced by the family law Solicitor handling the divorce proceedings. Jane’s Ex was a member of a final salary/defined benefits pension scheme. At the point of the divorce the scheme was being converted to money-purchase/defined contribution arrangement and was offering enhanced values. We established a working relationship with the scheme’s administrators and were able to secure our client’s share of this enhanced transfer value. Subsequent difficulties with Jane’s Ex meeting his share of the scheme’s administration charges delayed the transfer but by discussing the hard facts with our client we were able to complete the transfer and secure the settlement.

“Going through a divorce is never easy and is accompanied by a lot of personal anguish. Part of the settlement involved a share of my Ex’s occupational pension scheme. My solicitor introduced me to Peter and he worked closely with me to get the pension transfer completed. The case was far from straight forward but we both persevered and eventually the pension sharing was resolved and Peter arranged my own personal pension plan.

Peter was very supportive during this difficult time and handled the pension part of the divorce to my satisfaction keeping me informed of what was happening and explaining some of the technical details.”

Jane Cagney

Judith was divorced in 2008, the case was handled by family solicitors in Bicester, part of the divorce settlement involved assets within a small limited company pension scheme. The Ex was very protective of these pension assets as they were an integral part of the trading company’s strength and other directors were also affected. We were nominated to the Court by the solicitor as the IFA handling the pension sharing order. In this case it was necessary to be fairly robust with the other side to qualify and have the pension transfer secured. We were delighted that our technical understanding of small self-administered pension schemes complemented the solicitors’ legal expertise and we bought the case to a satisfactory conclusion. Judith also seems to have been pleased with the outcome and we continue providing on-going financial planning advice to Judith and her family.

“Having just emerged from a difficult divorce the last thing I wanted was hassle trying to sort out the pension sharing – fortunately my solicitor introduced me to Peter at MDG and he made the whole process so easy. Since then Peter has worked with me looking after my investments and other financial matters.

Having Peter working on the pension sharing alongside my
solicitor as part of the divorce proceedings helped me considerably at a very difficult time in my life.”

Judith Shipperley

Pat represents many in retirement who have lost their partners and need to be assured that their financial future is secure. Earlier in our association we had introduced Pat to a local family law firm in order to get her will and powers of attorney in place. We introduced cash flow forecasting to demonstrate how Pat should consider improving her lifestyle by taking more holidays and days out. There was also concern about how the cost of long-term care would affect this lifestyle. As accredited members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) we were able to explain the latest developments in this area and explain different options. A primary concern in advising Pat was around ensuring that she was able to take full advantage of her tax breaks whilst they are still available.

“My late husband and I have been working with Peter for many years since he and MDG were introduced to us by a former accountant. During this period he has always explained his recommendations so that we are able to make informed decisions. More recently he has introduced me to lifetime financial planning to show how I might be able to afford a better lifestyle in my retirement.

I must admit that I do not fully understand all he says, however I trust his advice and know that he is actiong with my best interests in mind.”

Pat Burton

Steve made the claim in 2011 even though the medical condition had occurred a few years before and was now cured. As part of our comprehensive fact-finding process we had been given Steve’s authority to make formal enquiries against the life company. We were provided with a schedule of the critical illness conditions covered and then liaised with Steve to ensure that the medical condition that he had suffered was one of those covered within the plan. We suggested that Steve should contact his GP and the hospital specialist who dealt with his case to ensure that the medical records supported the condition covered. Steve was then able to successfully conduct his claim with our guidance. We believe this emphasises the need to undertake thorough fact finding with clients and not simply concentrate on the areas that are currently being advised on.

“We had been paying premiums into a complicated life and critical illness assurance policy for several years and it was only when we mentioned this to Peter that he was able to explain how the cover actually worked. I mentioned that I suffered a medical condition and wondered whether I should submit a claim even though it was a while ago and now resolved. Peter insisted that we should make a claim and we were delighted when it was successfully settled without any hassle.

We firmly believe that if Peter had not made that little extra effort to find out more about us as part of his comprehensive fact-finding we would not have made the claim and received the sum assured so promptly.”

Steve Good

David represents many who are affected by constantly changing legislation within financial services. He was in the fortunate position of being able to take full advantage of tax breaks provided in recent pension changes but not sure how to go about it. No doubt David could have used the Internet to do his own research and then have dealt with the pension company himself but instead he decided our fee was reasonable and allowed us to do the groundwork and present him with our findings and recommendations. There was no need to consider arranging any alternative products as the existing pension plan proved completely satisfactory for David’s needs. This demonstrates how fee-based advice works in modern financial planning.

“I am fortunate to be retiring with a good company pension having been a member for many years. I had also been making contributions into a supplementary pension arrangement and was looking for fee-based advice on my options under recent pensions legislation changes. I called Peter and arranged an initial meeting at which we agreed the fee. Peter subsequently dealt directly with the pension company to ensure that I would benefit from these changes in the law.

On completing his research Peter produced a detailed report, which we went through together to ensure that I understood his recommendations. His report also considered my personal taxation position on which he also provided advice. The work was completed within the agreed fee and on time. I would recommend Peter to those looking for a personal service from a professional who understands his subject and is able to explain his recommendations clearly and concisely.”

David Allmand

“Dorothy had very little pension in her own right whereas the Ex’s pension provisions were considerable. We had a number of options available but I wanted to ensure that Dorothy had her own pension as part of the settlement. There were some objections thrown up by the other party and we worked closely with Dorothy’s solicitor in illustrating the true financial value of their various offers by converting them into an annuity rate and then demonstrating that as part of longer-term financial forecasting. We are delighted to say that Dorothy was pleased with our collaborative work with her solicitor.”

“Divorcing is never an easy process and you need a lot of support, with the legal process as well as emotionally and financially. My Ex’s pension was part of the settlement and early in the negotiations my solicitor introduced Peter into the process. He worked alongside my solicitor in representing my best
interests and to see that I received what I was entitled to.

Given the complicated nature of pensions on top of the complex legalwork I would have felt swamped had it not been for Peter taking time to explain what was going on. During the horse-trading between the lawyers I believe that had it not been for Peter intervening I would not have obtained the settlement I finally received.

Peter continues to review my pension investments as part of MDG’s on-going client services and has recently provided me with a long-term financial forecast to illustrate how the pension settlement will support me at retirement.”

Dorothy Thomas

Richard Thrower Testimonials

We have been working with Richard for more than 5 years and have found him helpful and always on hand to answer our questions.  His regular reviews give us peace of mind.


Richard took the time to explain (in a non-financial jargon) way what my options were.  He also made me realise and re-order my priorities in terms of pensions and savings.  We’re working towards one pension account, which will actually grow!  Looking forward to continually working with Richard.


Finding an IFA who was willing and able to help wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped – especially finding one that didn’t charge outrageous fees!  Richard quickly understood my specific requirements and after reviewing my circumstances, was happy to recommend a way forward that suited my needs and was economically viable.  I was apprehensive about being able to meet the tight deadline, but Richard assured me that we would be OK….and we were, despite Christmas and New Year getting in the way.  I have been very impressed with the way Richard has dealt with the whole process from start to finish.  Everything was explained to me in detail and was all backed up with relevant documentation.  Very happy with Richard’s recommendations, documentation and subsequent online access provided.  The transfer has just been effected and I’ll be keeping a regular eye on the fund’s progress.  Richard has been professional and helpful throughout and what’s more, is a thoroughly good bloke.


I had recently lost my husband and was looking for help with my savings and investments.  He was very kind and understanding and helped me make the right choice with my investments.


Richard is a very personable chap, who I have known for many years.  He is always available and ready to talk, explaining things in simple terms.  Being well qualified and knowing his subject, he answers questions straight away.


I originally had a portfolio with a bank that was not performing well and was receiving very little information as to why; i.e. no personal contact.  I contacted Richard who I had previously met on another occasion and asked for his advice.  During our meetings, we found him to be considerate and very helpful explaining different types of investments in a straightforward way that would suit our personal requirements.  Richard put into place a new investment portfolio for myself and my wife and continues to advise us on our finances on a regular basis, in a most understanding and helpful way.  We find him to be professional and helpful and would recommend his services to others.


Richard’s advice has been invaluable – we would thoroughly recommend him.  His service is second to none.

George & Angela

VouchedFor rating and reviews for Richard Thrower, IFA COULSDON

Neill Johnson Testimonials

“A quick note to thank you all very much for your assistance in arranging our remortgage, we will certainly recommend you to others.”

“Once again thanks for your help with my new house, your advice about the house buying process has been invaluable.”

“With your assistance in finding me the best deal, I’m now £200.00 a month, better off. “

“With only two weeks to exchange contracts, I would like to thank you again for your help in securing our new home, we are now in on Friday”

“A very professional service, you always kept us informed of the progress of our mortgage and were always able to answer our phone calls and questions.”

“Thanks for changing my views about which scheme to take, it’s been great to see my monthly payments fall by more than half in the last year.”

“Thank you for all the help you given to us, the level of customer service offered by your company has been first class.”

“I cannot thank Neill enough for the expert help and advice that he provided.  He went above and beyond in explaining the very complicated processes and decisions we might want to make as we were considering buying a property and gave us loads of very sound advice along the way.  In particular, he was very honest with us about our options and what we could expect to buy, which we really appreciated.  He even gave us a call on his day off to respond to an email!  I would wholeheartedly recommend Neill and MDG Mortgages”.