Marta De Gouveia


I chose a career in Financial Services out of a personal desire to understand money and how financial products work.  I discovered how much I loved analysing investments and digging below the surface to know how and why different types of investments behaved.  I also enjoyed doing research and the process of distilling financial technical jargon into plain English and making it clear for people to understand and making it meaningful and relevant in the context of each person’s personal circumstances.


I soon learned that investments and looking at past statistics only plays a small part in achieving financial success and the most important element is being able to know where you currently are, where you would like to be and how to plan ahead with the resources you have.  Combined with the technical knowledge we have in our team, and with knowing what is important to you and really understanding you, it is rewarding to help navigate a plan for the future and help steer you in the right direction and help give you some level of control over your future.  And to be there when life sends you in a different or unanticipated direction as well!


I find it very satisfying to help Mark in the preparation and implementation of your financial plan.  My role involves research and navigation and a lot of discussion and negotiation with various financial companies, with the aim of getting you (and the people most important to you) where you need to be – as cost-effectively as possible.


When not at work, I enjoy swimming, ceroc dancing, tear-jerker cinema, baking bread and hosting foreign students in my home.

Contact Details

Based at:
20 Manor Courtyard
Hughenden Avenue
High Wycombe
HP13 5RE

Telephone: 01494 715585

Email: [email protected]